Jobs! 3.0 Development Status

Sunday, 18 August 2013 15:14
We are aware of that we did not make any blog post for a long time. We were so busy with the Jobs! 3.0 Development. We are so close to the end. Let me give you some clues about the Jobs! 3.0 and what's going on with us

Jobs! 3.0

* Jobs! 3.0 will be a merge of Joomla! Jobs! and Jobs! WP .

* Jobs! 3.0 will support more CMS and php script.  Current Jobs! versions can work under Joomla! and Wordpress but It's going to work under all joomla! versions, wordpress, vbulletin, phpbb and phpfox with zero performance and integration issue

* Jobs! 3.0 will be fully open source product. There will be no encryption

Why We Have Deleted Jobs! From JED!

Thursday, 08 November 2012 00:40
We have recently deleted Jobs! from Joomla! Extensions Directory . We wanted to explain why we have done this so there is no confusion

JED is a big directory with many extension . If you are looking for an extension , You will probably look JED as a start point. JED accept commercial and free extensions . But there are some realities you must know .

Before i start, Please let me to explain one thing . This is what we believe . We will be happy you not to try proof that we are wrong with playing words .

1 . JED Editors Are Also Commercial Extension Developers

Support Policy Change

Friday, 10 August 2012 01:39
I'm writing this blog post for our support policy change.

We currently have documentation for our products. For example, There are 67 documents about our popular Joomla! Job Component. We also have ticket system support but we can not handle ticket system suport anymore.

There are users with over 400 ticket . We are receiving 100+ tickets per day. As you can guess it , It has a high work load. All team is currently replying the tickets including the developers. We can not handle this ticket system. We are sorry for this

There are still un-replied tickets in queue. This ticket sytem work load is stopped all company works to do their own job. For example, Our developers are replying tickets too. They must develop the new version of products, not working like a support staff
I'm writing this for an open apologize from all of our clients. You may be noticed all of that our support response was delayed for last 10 days

We were having some problems related to our e-mail server. Most emails to our mail contact email (info dot was being rejected or was being received very soon (like 4 days) later

This was causing a support response delay which was normally under 24 hours in week days

We can confirm all email problems are fixed

We are extremely sorry for this

How To Pick Great Domain Names

Tuesday, 22 May 2012 23:07
Here are some tips for choosing great domain names for your sites

1. Many people are used to seeing the www at the beginning of a website address (e.g. Ensure your website functions both with and without this famous subdomain.

2. Reserving a subdomain called m (e.g. for mobile devices has become a common web design convention. It’s cheaper than — and as widely recognised as — the .mobi top-level domain (TLD).

3. Most of the non-technical general public tend to only recognise .com, .net and .org. It’s worth checking the TLDs you want are available before dedicating yourself to a brand name.

We have recently published a new Jobs! Pro plugin for JomSocial Multiprofile feature and Community Builder profile creation which is called lknProfileCreation

Jobs! was using the lknjoomlajobsregister and lkncbjobsregister plugins for profile creation during registration. These plugins was a Joomla! user plugins.  We have dropped the both plugins from our download package

lknProfileCreation plugin will do the same thing with these plugins.

Lets look how lknProfileCreation look like

5 Useful CSS Tools

Saturday, 17 March 2012 16:24

5 Useful CSS ToolsCSS or Cascading Style Sheets is still one of the most popular modes of designing a working website, yet, for many designers it can be at times a lengthy and tedious job. Thus, many web designers have took to using CSS tools in order to quicken the process up as well as have more control over design elements. Here's a few of the favourite CSS tools recommended by web designers to enable you to create a working website quickly and easily using CSS web design - you don't even need to know everything about CSS!

Two HTML 5 Canvas Examples

Monday, 05 March 2012 10:48

I've written about HTML5 Canvas External link elements a few weeks before. Today we would like to showcase a couple of new HTML 5 Canvas Examples, the first canvas example is that of  Super Mario bros as pictured below:

HTML 5 canvas example - Super Mario Bros

To see a live preview of this please CLICK HERE External link. Isn’t it just amazing to see were the future of HTML 5 is heading.

I've blogged about that we have published Jobs! 1.7.1 External link with Joomla! 2.5 support

I'm writing this blog post to inform you that we have created a demo web site with Joomla! 2.5. You can find the demo details deblog

Jobs! 1.7.1 Calendar External linkWe are proud to announce that we have published Jobs! Pro External link 1.7.1 is published for licensed users .

Jobs! 1.7.1 is mainly published for supporting Joomla! 2.5

Changelog for Jobs! 1.7.1

  1. Joomla! 2.5 support: Jobs! 1.7.1 and later versions will support Joomla! 2.5
  2. Calendar Improvement: Job Calendar will allow you to navigate a certain date with one click. See screenshot on left
  3. Scheduled Task plugin is upgraded: As you know, Jobs! has itws on Scheduled Task system. lknCron 1.0.2 is published. You must upgrade your lknCron plugin Scheduled Tasks to work

Have Questions

Do not hesitate to use our ticket system on External link

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