We have written a blog post External link about our products a few weeks ago .

As we have mentioned there, One of the new features for Jobs External link! will be an integrated facebook application. We are spending more time on facebook than usual

Facebook is a great site with over 500 millions user but it's also a bad site because it's too many configuration. You may be lost in facebook settings page or features

I have allways wanted to block some of the users (or stay offline for some of the users) in my facebook chat list. I've a quite long chat lists. Some of them are personal and some of them are bussiness related

I've learned how to stay offline for some of users in my chat list. I was thinking that it was difficult to do but it's easy

I found blog post on this url External link .

facebook friend listWhen you click on your facebook chat list, You will see a screen thefacebook friend list 2 screenshot

You must create Friend List like 'Bussiness Friends', 'Buddies','Family Members' etc .

You must basic group your friends

After you have finished grouping your friends, You will notice that green sliders will appear on your chat list

What you need to do, Playing with the slider

That's all you need to do

It's so easy that i was expecting:)