We are proud to announce that we have published Jobs! WP Alpha 1 . Jobs! WP is a full featured job plugin for WordPress (http://wordpress.org/). It's currently under development (See the demo details below) and it's not published yet

Jobs! WP will have the same features of Jobs! 1.5.2 build 47 External link

A Quick Note For WordPress Users

As mentioned above, Jobs! WP will Jobs! 1.5.2 build 47 External link (Jobs! for Joomla!). You may ask a basic question : "What's Jobs! (and Jobs! WP)?"

* Jobs! is a Joomla! component which is being actively developed over two years. Now, We have started to make the same development for WordPress . It will be actively developed for WordPress too

* Jobs! WP is mainly targeting company web sites and community web site.

* You will have more than one interneting and unique feature to extend your Wordpress.

Some Highlighted Features of Jobs! WP

  1. Employers Panel: Employers will have their own panel to for employer actions like posting jobs, searching resumes, viewing applications etc. (You can disable employer panel from configuration with one click)
  2. Job Seeker: Job Seekers will have their own panel to for job seeker actions like posting resumes. Registered or unregistered users can apply jobs. (You can disable employer panel from configuration with one click)
  3. E-commerce: Jobs! WP will have e-commerce features. You can charge employers to post jobs or viewing/searching resumes. You can also charge job seekers for posting resumes or applying jobs (If you want, You can disable this from admin panel)
  4. Template System: Jobs! WP will have unique and well designed template system. You can design your own template (Note: Default Jobs! WP will come will 12 different colour schemes)
  5. Custom Field Managers: Jobs! WP will have custom field manager for jobs and resumes
  6. Plugin System: Jobs! WP will have itws own plugin system like WordPress
  7. Payment Gateways: As mentioned above, You can integrate all payment gateways with a basic Jobs! WP plugin
  8. Job Alerts : Jobs WP can send job e-mails to your job seeker based on their job alert criterias
  9. Multilanguage: You can translate Jobs! WP to your own language
You can see all features that you are going to have with Jobs! WP on this url External link (The product description of Jobs! for Joomla!)

Why Did We Published This?

We have published this because we expect to get more input from WordPress users. We request WordPress users to visit our demo web site and test Jobs! WP and report more bugs

Know Issues In Alpha 1

* Jobs! WP and WordPress SEF does not work correctly
* Meta Descriptions , Meta Keywords and page titles are not working correctly
* Preview button for resumes in admin panel is not working. (Preview button is missing in Jobs! WP Admin Panel)
* Documentation links are wrong
* Version control in admin panel shows the wrong data

Demo Links

Front Side
Url: http://www.instantphp.com/demo/wordpress/?page_id=6 External link

Employer Account: demo_company/123456
Job Seeker account: job_seeker/123456

Admin Panel
Url: http://www.instantphp.com/demo/wordpress/wp-admin/ External link

Administrator Account: demo_admin/123456

How Can you report bugs in Jobs! WP Alpha 1

* You can reply this blog post
* You can use our ticket system External link (If you use this option, Please do not forget to mention that you are reporting bugs for Jobs! WP)