lknExternalLinks Plugin is a Joomla 1.5 plugin that will help you to control your external links. It will enhance your control all of external links.

Main features

  1. Add Google Analytics tracking code for outgoing links, making outgoing links visible in Google Analytics. onClick="javascript:urchinTracker('/outgoing/example');">
  2. Add an image after the content of the link, making outgoing links more visible to users.
  3. Set the default target attribute for outgoing links.
  4. Add the title attribute, either containing the content of the link or the HTML title of the remote document.
  5. Add the general Google Analytics code. Can be used if the code is not already added by another plugin.
  6. You can add nofollow to all of your outgoing links

Plugin Configuration

Admin Screenshot

External Link Enhancement for Joomla
External Link Enhancement for Joomla 2

External link

The plugin has 5 parameters

  1. Load Plugins: You need to select which function you want activate. The defautl value is 'analyticsout,title,nofollow' . See the Plugin functions part below
  2. Analytics header - Analytics ID: If you are going to use analictics functions . You must enter your Analytics ID to this paramater.
  3. Target - Default target: If you are using target function you can use this parameter
  4. Image - URL : If you have activated image after external link function, you can choose edit that image file or use the default one. Default location of the example image is /joomla-root/plugins/content/lknExternalLinks/lknexternal_links.jpg for Joomla! 1.6. If you are using image function make sure that your image file is exist
  5. Title - Fetch remote: If set to yes the plugin will try to fetch the title of the document at the remote location. Otherwise the content of the anchor will be used as title. Fetching a title from a remote location takes some time, so dont enable with lots of links.
  6. White List: Nofollow rule will not be applied to the sites in your white list. You must write the domains with comma seperated. nofollow rule will not be applied to these sites. Write just the domain. (CORRECT), (CORRECT), (WRONG), (WRONG), (WRONG), (WRONG), (WRONG)

Plugin functions:

  1. analyticsheader: this parameter will insert google analitics codes your header
  2. analyticsout: this will insert onClick="javascript:urchinTracker('/outgoing/example');">to your outgoing links
  3. image: it will insert a small image after your external links
  4. target parameter will set default target setting for your external links
  5. title: Add the title attribute, either containing the content of the link or the HTML title of the remote document
  6. nofollow : Add nofollow attribute to the extarnal links

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