We have written a lightbox plugin for Joomla 1.5. This is a plugin which will allow you choose the components you want to use lightbox or slimbox effect.

What makes lknlightbox from the existing ones
  1. A general usage of slimbox plugins is <a href="/images/image-1.jpg" rel="lightbox" title="my caption">image #1</a> . That means you need to able edit html codes. Yes, Core joomla allows you to edit html codes. But there are components which use the bbcodes (like kunena) which does not allows you to edit html codes
  2. There are components (like VirtueMart) which has an integrated slimbox codes.
My question is that why to add unneccesary javascript and css codes to those components. This plugin will help you to choose the components which you want to add the lightbox effect.
Plugin parameters

lknlightbox - Slimbox, the ultimate lightweight Lightbox for JoomlaPlugin has only one parameter.

Component Names: The name of the components which you will use lightbox effects. The default value com_content.  You can write more than one component name with comma seperated.

For example, If you write com_content,com_docman, You will be able to use lknlightbox for com_content and com_docman. Any files will be added to the other components.

The usage of lknlightbox plugin

The usage of lknlightbox plugin

Add the rel="lightbox" attribute to the links pointing to your full-sized images. Use the optional title attribute if you want to show a caption:

<a href="/images/image-1.jpg" rel="lightbox" title="my caption">image #1</a>

You can even use HTML in the caption if you want. You must replace the < and > characters with HTML entities and use single quotes instead of double quotes.

For sets of related images that you want to group and make navigable, add a group name to the rel attribute just after the “lightbox” word, for example:

<a href="/images/image-1.jpg" rel="lightbox-atomium">image #1</a>
<a href="/images/image-2.jpg" rel="lightbox-atomium">image #2</a>
<a href="/images/image-3.jpg" rel="lightbox-atomium">image #3</a>

I don't recommend using square brackets '[ ]' around group names in the rel attribute because these characters are invalid for XHTML and XML attributes, meaning that your web page would not validate against the latest standards.


Click on the plugin parameters screenshot which above.

You can download it from our joomla plugins store