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lknSupport provides you with the tools needed to quickly set up a seamlessly integrated, coherent support platform, saving you and your business time and money, decrease your response times and increase the efficiency of your online operation.

lknSupport is a help desk system which has built in support for shopping carts without loosing any feature from a classic php ticket system. Take a look at the base features below (Do not forget to check the "Shopping Cart Integrations" tab).

Email Management & E-mail Parsing

lknSupport's powerful email integration feature allows you to configure your corporate email ids as individual departments, and have all incoming emails converted to tickets.

A scheduled task can parse your incoming e-mails and it can convert your e-mails convert to tickets or tickets replies

Mail templates

Mail Templates in lknSupport are 100% customizable. From auto-responders to important notifications; all can be customized exactly the way you want them. You can assign this e-mail templates to e-mails from lknSupport Admin Panel

Easy Installation

Installing lknSupport is easy and takes only a few minutes. A simple web based form lets you provide information required to create the database and the administrator account

Ticket Management

lknSupports's Staff/Administrator Panel provides your support staff members with an intuitive and feature rich ticket management interface that's simple to use.

powerful and customizable interface

The staff control panel gives your staff and support agent users access to their departments, where they manage tickets, handle issues and respond to your end-users.

Without being overwhelming, the staff interface provides one-click access to an array of powerful ticket tools, making finding and managing tickets simple and fast.

Detailed Ticket Searching Options

Staff Ticket Filter Options External link There are several ways to search for tickets throughout your support desk. 'Quick search' searches the content of tickets based on your search terms.

Advanced search allows you to combine an unlimited number of wide-ranging search criteria; such as ticket owner, tracking id, ticket priority, department, status etc.

Pre-defined ticket responses

Over 80% of support emails are standard questions that customers ask. Provide them with quick responses using our pre-defined ticket replies feature. You can create pre-defined responses (for greetings, commonly used text and frequently asked questions) and organized  them into categories. Pre-defined replies can be dropped into a ticket reply using an integrated menu that is easily accessible when replying to tickets.

Activity Tracking

Ticket History External linkEvery action on a ticket by any member of the application is tracked. This activity log is available below every ticket summary, ordered chronologically

Private Notes

Exchange information on a particular ticket with other support staff members on lknSupport Pilot without involving the customer. Create a private note that is visible only to support staff members or admin


You can maintain an unlimited number of departments (such as Support, Sales and Billing) and enforce access permissions to each for individual staff users or across entire staff teams.

Departments can be made either public (tickets can be submitted directly to the department by your support desk users) or private (for example, for internal purposes). Tickets can be moved between departments with ease.

Plugin Architecture

lknSupport's plug-in architecture allows you to extend the capabilities of your help desk by adding plugins

Scheduled Tasks

lknSupport has its own scheduled task system that allows you to run specific task for a limited time. For example, E-mail parsing is done with lknSupport scheduled task. You can write your scheduled task like plugin system

Customer Panel

lknSupport will provide a built in Customer Panel, provide your customers with a simple yet comprehensive ticket management system that they can easily access through any web browser


lknSupport has a language file. You can translete it to your own language and use it in your language. lknSupport is coded with UTF-8 charset. That means you can use it in all languages. You will not have any problem on your language and letters

Download Management

You can create unlimited download files with using lknSupport download management. You may need to have extra files (like product catalog or usage related downloable files) after a user purchased product. lknSupport Download Manager can magage your files.


You can create unlimited articles with using lknSupport Knowledge

Unlimited Philosophy

There is no limit for the departmans that you can have. There is no limit for the e-mail count that you can have. There is no limit on staff count that you can have. There is no limit on ticket count that you can have. You will have one product with unlimited options. We do not believe limited staff or departman options etc.


lknSupport is coming with impoter from other ticket systems . You can import tickets from other tickets system (Current Importers: OsTicket)

You can create a ticket External link or visit our lknSupport Pre-Sale Questions External link section

Shopping Cart Integrations

Shopping Cart Integration

Login Integration

Your shopping cart can login to lknSupport without any extra effort. A lknSupport user plugin can do all necessary Joomla! 1.5 login issues for you

Purchased Products List

(If you have activated it from configuration,) Purchased Product List External linklknSupport will show you the purchased products by the ticket owner on ticket reply screen. lknSupport will show the orders of the ticket owner with full product details (products that the user has purchased, when he has purchased, do the product has downloadable good? if the product has downloadable good, Is it expired or when it's going to expired). That's the idea why has decided to develop the lknSupport.

Access Control According To Purchase

Shopping Card Integration Example For Virtuemart (Product Integration) External linklknSupport will allow you to have access control according to the purchase of the user. You can allow or prevent user to access specific ticket departmans or download categories or view specific knowledgebase articles.

Category Integration: User will be able to accces specific ticket categories, download categories and knowledgebase categories when they have purchased a product from a category selected categories

Product Integration: User will be able to accces specific ticket categories, download categories and knowledgebase categories when they have purchased a specific product

Supported Shopping Cart

Magento ( , Virtuemart (


Admin/Staff Panel : External link (user name: lknsupport_admin , password: 123456)

Front Side : External link

* Demo shows the integration between VirtueMart ( ) and lknSupport. Virtuemart is located on External link

* You can use the the following account for VirtueMart & lknSupport. It will allow you to see both one

  1. lknsupport_staff/123456 (You can test the lknSupport Staff Panel)
  2. lknsupport_admin/123456 (You can visit the lknSupport Admin Panel)
  1. hand_user/123456 (You can use this account lknSupport Front Side) (We have made some orders from VirtueMart 'Hand Tools' product category you to integration features)
  2. garden_user/123456 (You can use this account lknSupport Front Side)(We have made some orders from VirtueMart 'Garden Tools' product category you to integration features)
  3. power_user/123456 (You can use this account lknSupport Front Side)(We have made some orders from VirtueMart 'Power Tools' product category you to integration features)
* You can login with the 'NORMAL USERS' on Virtuemart Interface & lknSupport interface at the same time and make some more orders to test the lknSupport

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