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Jobs! WP

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Jobs! WP Product Description


What is Jobs! WP?
Jobs! WP is a full featured job portal plugin for Wordpress . You do not need any wordpress jobs theme because Jobs! WP is a full featured wordpress job listing

All features you need to build a job board
It contains full functions to operate a Job site featuring tools to manage jobs, resumes, applications and subscriptions. If you are looking for a big Job site like Monster, CareerBuilder; a niche job listing like TechCrunch or just a job ads on your company site, Jobs! WP is an ideal match.

Build a job board in minutes, not in months
You can install Jobs! WP just easily and quickly like any other WordPress plugin . With configurable administration and well-structured work flow, monitoring your own job board becomes a simple task, even you are a novice to WordPress!

Highlighted Features

Employers Panel

registration External linkEmployers have their own panel. An Employer can manage their jobs, track the application and search the resumes. If the site admin activated, Employer can use credit system. Credit system is the e-commerce part of Jobs! WP. See more details from Employers tab

Job Seeker Panel

Job seekers have their own panel. Job seeker can create detailed resume to apply jobs . Job seeker can create cover letters to apply jobs. Job seeker can track the responses from employer for the applied Jobs. See more details from Job Seekers tab


Jobs! Credit System Example External linkJobs! WP has credit system which can be fully configurated from admin panel. You can charge employer and job seekers. Credits are spent for resume search and job postings on employer side and Credits are used for creating resumes and applying jobs on job seeker side. Employers & Job Seekers can buy new credit with their paypal or google checkout account.

Template System

Jobs! WP has its own template system. You can create unique layouts for own Jobs! WP

Custom Fields Manager

Jobs! WP has a custom fields manager. You can create unique resume forms & job forms without having any technical knowledge. Jobs! WP tools will do this for you. You can add/edit/delete/make searchable the all form elements with using custom field manager

Custom XML Feeds Manager

Jobs! WP can deliver custom xml feeds for your job site. You may ask a question what xml feeds can do for my site. The answer is quite simple. It's limited for your imagination.

For example, see . You can send your jobs to with an easy way. Jobs! WP can create an xml like the mentioned one on indeed page. This tool is also another way of creating rss feeds because rss feeds are custom xml feeds too :)

Job MapJob Map External link

Jobs! will show your jobs in a map and when you click on the map. Jobs! will show the full job detail

Send Your Jobs to (or wherever your want)

As told above, You can send your jobs to or whereever you want . requires and xml feed to accept your jobs .Jobs! WP can create that xml file for you . You can find the details of the xml file on

Featured Jobs

You/Your employers can post featured jobs with using credit system. Featured jobs are taking higher place in search result pages and listing pages


You can add tags for your jobs and resumes. Tags are a bit of Jobs! custom field manager

Unregistered Users and Employer E-mails With Full Resume Data

Your job seekers can apply the jobs with/without registering your WordPress!. Both one is possible. (If you have allowed from the Jobs! WP configuration) Unregistered users can apply the jobs without registering the web site. When you have recieved the application from the jobs seeker , You can send resume data (full resume data,cover letter and resume application) to the employer. You can see an example e-mail can Jobs! WP is able to send with clicking here External link (resume fields are only example. You can add/remove fields from the custom field manager)

Give Free Credits to Employer When They Register External link

You can give free credits to your employers autmaticly with a Jobs! pro plugin (Note: Giving manual credits is possible too)

Video Resumes

Your job seekers can use videos from external sites like youtube, google videos, metacafe etc (105 video sites can be used) to create their resumes (Note: This functionality comes with extra Jobs! WP plugins).

Payment Gateways

You can intregrate more payment gateways. Jobs! WP is coming with the Paypal, Google Checkout and Offline Payment plugins by the default. You can also use iDEAL Payment Plugin For Jobs! WP Pro External link

Dual Login

Jobs! WP is using WordPress user database . There is no 2th registration to post resumes or jobs. When a user logins to your WordPress site, Jobs! WP detects that the user is Employer or Job Seeker and shows the related tools (Employer panel or job seeker panel.)

Rss Feeds

Jobs! WP can create RSS feeds for every part of your job site


  • Tax Support: Jobs! WP can deal with the tax issues while you are charging employers (or job seekers)
  • Multi-language: Jobs! WP is multi-language. You can translate and use it to your own language.
  • Image Resize and watermarking: You can resize the company logos and resume images. if you want you can insert a watermark text to these images
  • Social Bookmarking Buttons: You can add social bookmarking buttons to the job detail pages. You can choose local buttons or It's configurable from the admin panel
  • Changing Currency : Changing currecy ($ to € or GBP or another currency) of the e-commerce part is as easy as changing a language file parameter. Currency is a language file parameter for Jobs! WP
You can  ask questions to us with using 'Ask Question' button above

Jobs! WP Plugins

Jobs! WP has its own plugin system . Jobs! WP plugin system will give you more customization options.

  1. System Plugins : This plugin types are used for system wide actions
  2. Payment Plugins : You can say payment gateways to this plugin type.
  3. Employer Plugins : Employer Plugins are used to effect various employer actions. For example, lknHideEmployerFields Plugin (It's a Jobs! WP plugin to hide specific resume fields like contact details from employers until admin aproval) is an employer plugin
  4. Worker Plugins : Worker Plugins are used to effect various job seeker actions

Jobs! WP has detailed documentation 'How to Develop A Jobs! WP Plugin'


Company profile and logo

Each job an employer posts gets its own separate page. Your WordPress users can create their Company Profile and include their company's logotype. Profile can be modified any time.

Once registered, employers can add Job Postings, make them active or inactive (inactive job postings don't appear in search results), modify job postings anytime or remove them.
There is a special section available to view Job Applications received and filter them using different criteria.

Search resumes

Employers can find resumes of job seekers that match their criteria. A powerful resume search allows employers to search resumes! With The credit system, You can charge employers before they search resume. Credit system can be configurated from component admin panel.

Give Free Credits to Employer When They Register External link

You can give free credits to your employers autmaticly with a Jobs! pro plugin (Note: Giving manual credits is possible too)

Job Posting and editing

Employers can post/edit/delete the jobs from their employer panel

Featured Jobs

You can charge your employer for posting featured jobs with using credit system. Featured jobs are taking higher place in search result pages and listing pages

Charge Employer

Jobs! Credit System Example External link(If the site administrator activated the credit system from admin panel,) they can buy credits with their paypal account. credits will be used for job posting and resume database search

They can also see when credit buying history with dates and transcation details.

Employers can also when and for what they have spent their credits

Credit system is used to post jobs and searching resume database

E-mail templates

Employers can create e-mail templates which will help employers to respond the applicant they have recieved

Viewing the applicant

Employers can see all the applicants (and filter them with criterias) and their resumes.

Employers are able to sent e-mail to the applicants.

Employers can write comment about the applicants

Job Seekers

View and apply for jobs

Job seekers can see what the job entails in detail. When viewing a job listing, the company name, location, industry, job description, and other information is shown. Once ready, he can apply for the job directly for the job listing and send the employer his resume and cover letter.

Charge Job Seekers

(If the site administrator activated the credit system from admin panel,) they can buy credits with their paypal or google checkout account. credits will be used for posting resumes and applying jobs

Job Alerts

Job Seekers can get job mails based on their job alerts criterias. This is one of the best ways to bring back job seekers to your web site

Different search options available

Job Seekers can choose between quick and advanced search forms available on the site. Job Seekers can search vacancies by Location, Job Category, Job Title (search by keywords) and other search criteria.
Ability to browse jobs by Job Category, by State/Region, view all jobs posted by a specific employer/company.

Resume posting

Job Seekers can post multiple resumes on the site. It is possible to either just copy/paste your resume into the system. They can upload photos for their resumes. Jobs component has an advanced resume builder tool.

Application Tracking

Job seekers can see all the jobs that he made application and will be informed when they get a respond for his/her application

Cover Letters

Job seekers can create cover letters to use for the applications.

RSS Feeds

Your Job seekers can subscribe rss job feeds to get fresh job content delivered directly to their desktop! They can get every rss feeds for every part of job site (categories, company profiles, latest jobs etc). They can customise the rss feeds from the job seeker panel


Front Side
Url: External link

Employer Account: demo_company/123456
Job Seeker account: job_seeker/123456

Admin Panel
Url: External link

Administrator Account: demo_admin/123456

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