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lknAnswers is an advanced Question & Answers solution for all Joomla versions.
  • Yahoo Answers Clone.
  • Users can ask questions, Community provides answers.
  • Polls: Users can create polls for their questions.
  • Ranking system for answers. (also supports the other point systems like Alphauserpoint. See Integrations tab for more details)
  • Report offensive text.
  • Template System.
  • Users can subscribe questions.
  • Access Control for lknAnswers. You can create specific categories for a Joomla User group
  • Moderator System. You can define Super Moderators and Category Moderators
  • Attachments for questions and answers
  • Social bookmarking buttons (local buttons & button)
  • Rss feeds for component. Users can get Rss feeds for all parts of the lknAnswers
  • Highly Advanced Search in the Knowledgebase.
  • Supports user avartars
  • Tagging system for questions
  • SEO: Search Engine Friendly Urls (SEF) and Meta Tag menagement
  • Community Builder and Jom Social Integration. (See Integrations tab for more details)


lknAnswers will work on
  • Joomla 1.5.x or Joomla 1.0.x
  • Php 5.2.+
  • Mysql 4.1 (Suggested Mysql 5+)


Users can ask questions, Community provides answers.

Users ask the questions and community provides the answers. If you have allowed from the component configuration, Users can edit/delete their questions or answers

Point System

Users will get points
  • when they ask questions
  • When they answer a question
  • When their answer is choosen as best answer
  • When they choose a best answer for his questions
  • When they vote for a poll
You can integrate the Jom Social Point System and AlphaUserPoints System intead of lknAnswers point system. (also supports the other point systems like Alphauserpoint. See Integrations tab for more details)

Access Control

lknAnswers has its own access control system. You can create private question categories. You will be able to choose user group can use which category and download attachments.


Users can create polls for their questions.

Moderator System

You can create Super Moderators and Category Moderators. Moderators can delete/edit questions or answers. Category moderators can do editing/deleting jobs for one category and Super Moderators can do the same thinks for all categories.

Highly Advanced Search

Users will be able to search every part of your knowledgebase with detailed search engine.

Social Bookmarking Butttons

If you have configurated the Social Bookmarking from the admin panel, Social Boomarking Buttons will be inserted to the questions

Template System

lknAnswers has its own template system. That means you can develop your own theme or modify every part existing themes. Our component comes with 3 templates by the default. Default theme is on our demo. The screenshots of other theme (green one) is here.

Subscription System

Users can subscribe the questions or edit the subscription to a question. Users will get an e-mail when a new answer made on question which they have subscribed. Of course, You can open or close subscription system fom the admin panel.


  • Tagging System: Users can tag their questions
  • Reporting: Users can report offensive questions and answers
  • Best Answer Selection: Question owner can select Best Answer for his question
  • Attachments: Users can attach files or images for their questions and answers. All are configurable from admin panel.
  • RSS Feeds: Users can get fresh content with highly detailed rss feed system
  • SEF: lknAnswers has a router. That means you will have SEF Urls.
  • Meta Tags: You can configure from the admin panel


lknAnswers has its own profile system and point system. If they are not flexible for you, You can use integrate the the others. We have plugins for Jom Social, Community Builder & AlphaUserPoints.

User Profile Integrations

You can use the Community Builder Profiles and Jom Social Profiles. It's as easy as changing a parameter from component configuration.

User Points System

You can integrate the Jom Social Point System and AlphaUserPoints System intead of lknAnswers point system


Admin Panel :

Front Side :

The accounts you can use on our demo site
(user name: demo_company , password: 123456)
(user name: job_seeker , password: 123456)
(user name: demo , password: 123456) (This account can be used for admin panel)
(user name: super_moderator , password: 123456) (This account is the super moderator account for lknanswers)

Pre-Sale Questions

  • What is lknAnswers?

lknAnswers is a perfect Question and Answers Solution for the Joomla 1.0 and Joomla 1.5 CMS integrating features from the well know Yahoo Answers system. This system also know as Yahoo Answers
  • Does Joomla lknAnswers Support SEF?

Yes, Our component supports SEF urls natively. No more SEF components for using clean urls. Our component is using SEF urls with native Joomla routers
  • Is you extension multilingual?

Yes, Our extension is multilingual. You can translate the language file to your own language
  • What Joomla versions are you supporting?

Our extension can work with all all Joomla versions natively. lknAnswers can work with Joomla 1.0.x and Joomla 1.5.x natively
  • Is your component encoded?

No, 100%, full access to the source code, unencoded! Our component is unencoded
  • Do I get free support?

Yes, You will get lifetime free support. Our staff will be happy to help you with any problem you might have related to lknAnswers. We will try respond to all support questions within 24 hours...

  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

No - Since our components are delivered with all source codes intact, we can not afford to give refund. We strongly advise you to try our demo before purchasing lknAnswers. You can also contact us External link if you have any questions at all.
  • Do I get free upgrades for life?

We are sorry but No. You will be able to get updates for 12 months from your first download
  • I did not find my question here. I have more questions about Joomla lknAnswers

You can use External link to ask questions about lknAnswers

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